Swami blessed yesterday's 15th April, 2012 Mass Marriage Ceremony by His Divine presence at Sri Sathya Sai Kshetra, Chinchmal one of the adopted village of Mumbai District, where nine couple tide knot of their lives in spiritual atmosphere of veda chanting and bhajan.

Though there was no medical camp planned on this day but just in case there is emergency Mulund Samithi planned to take Mobile Medical Van at village. Since there was no medical activity brother Santosh took MMV to drop some devotee at Vashi and till the time he back to Chinchmal temple aarthi was just to start.

After marriage all nine couples were blessed to perform aarathi in temple. Santosh thought since he has missed vedam, bhajan and entire marriage function let him take at least some photograph of the couples to show to his family members at home but then aarthi started and to his surprise, he noticed Bhagawan baba walking from Shirdi Saibaba photograph to Shirdi Saibaba Statue. He was shocked to see and couldn't believe for a moment but since he was a bit away he tried to capture the moment through his mobile camera so he zoomed the lens and click for the photograph. He took some more photograph at aarthi session. During aarthi he forgot for some time about the incidence but after aarthi he sudden reminded about the incidence and he start looking back the images captured and yes Swami allowed him to capture His image in that photograph. Enclosed is the image captured in his mobile camera which is of course not a high end camera, where we can see Swami, though it is not clearly visible as it was clicked in zoom mode but one can definitely make out Swami in it.

Time and again Swami shows us the way and tells us that though he has left his physical form, He is always there with us and will always remain with us ever-forever.

Thanks & Regards Devendra Pednekar Mulund Vikhroli Samithi, Mumbai.

Om Sri Sairam

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