It was perhaps Bhagawan's Blessings when SUNDARM - Swami's Abode was inaugurated on 19.01.1981 that the Chennai BSSO would be having 4 Samithis Viz ,

  • East - Sundaram (R.A.Puram Samithi)
  • South - Guindy Samithi
  • West - Annanagar Samithi
  • North - Sai Nivas Samithi.


    This was known as Thirumangalam Samithi that was inaugurated with Baba's Blessings in the Year 1979 with 50 members in all as the Topographical Area of this Annanagar was just being developed as model Town inside the City. The Activities of the Samithi was almost on Daily basis starting with Small Medicals then and became a full-fledged Free Medical Centre. Swami on his 60th Birthday in his infinite Love desired that Each State should have 60 Villages adopted by SSSO to Spread the Message of SWAMI - and Annanagar West Samithi which was then called as Thirumangalam Samithi adopted the small hamlet of Thirumangalam Village.

               When Swami with His infinite Love chose to Develop a Grama Temple at the request of the then Convenor & other office bearers Graciously consented to Perform "Sanku Stapana" in the adopted village during 1984 & Kumbabishekham on 21st Jan 1985 was a Triple Blessing Gift to the Thirumangalam Temple & Annanagar West Samithi with the Consecration & also Kumbashekham of " Navagraha " Temple on 7th Feb 1990. On all these Occasions Swami Visited the Annanagar West (Thirumangalam ) Samithi and Blessed all the Devotees who thronged the location to have His Divine Darshan, Bhagawan also blessed with new attires to 52 children specially brought in a special open type van from the nearby Handicapped Home & coming out of Samithi with HIS Infinite Love & Passion to their disability, so that these Children are not inconvenienced. Such was HIS Love for these helpless kids. Balvikas was later started in the same year by a Sri Lankan mahila devotee as many of them were close by residents who were also took responsibility of the upkeep of the Samithi on all days of the week.

              As per Bhagawan's expressed desire that this Samithi should have ownership and as an Instrument of Swami's Sankalpa this was achieved by Sri G. Ranga Rao I.A.S , who came down on transfer to Chennai and made ownership title of the premises and thus became the property of Sri Sathya Sai Trust (TN) in the year 1992. The Samithi Later also adopted Visually Handicapped Students to teach them in their curriculum. It was wonderful moment of Divine Miracle that when the Samithi office bearers took these students to Prashanthi Nilayam Swami Blessed all the students personally with Braille Watches. This occasion was an Unusual Spectacle for the Inmates at Prashanthi Nilayam.

               This Samithi activities became central focus for many decades conducting of Nagarsankeertans / Bhajans / Temple Bhajans / Cleaning / Balvikas class / Reading for Visually Handicapped / Narayana Seva / Specialised Weekly Medical Seva on Sundays with the help of Sevadals and Para Medical staff. The patients who were just 50 and now crossed to 300 weekly are obsessed with BABA miracle Cure.

               Due to the growing population Sri Sathya Sai Devotees has become wide spread with more & more Bhajan mandalis embarking of spreading the noble mission of Sai Pancha Sukthas " SATHYA - DHARMNA - SHANTHI - PREMA - AHIMSA. With " LOVE ALL & SERVE ALL as a motto Anna Nagar West Samithi became a land mark in this part of the city for over 3 decades having celebrated its Silver Jubilee celebrations too & continuing the Spiritual Growth by leaps and bounds. We Pray Bhagawan Baba to Bless this Endeavour of creating this exclusive Web Site as part of in the Internet arena of Technological development so that the Mission of BABA criss crosses beyond the city's horizon, creating awareness of all programmes that are undertaken by SAI fold to the humanity as a whole. Thus the SAI mission as a movement has to move on with Divinity. Jai Sai Ram

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